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AiH [userpic]

I am drunk!

I think i may have broken my knee!

And she didb't come... some lame excuse abou hadaches or something...

THinki I need to cut my loses and go in another direction even tho it hurts :(

I should sleep now

AiH [userpic]

That is my Friday night.

50th Birthday party here tomorrow night, 70 + confirmed guests eekkkk!!!!!

And I am food girl!

Ashlee is coming, i'm not sure how what will go down there but time will tell...

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AiH [userpic]

hmmmmmm ok she is totally scared... I take back everything I said

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AiH [userpic]

I does hae internet again :D

AiH [userpic]

Hey all will be offline for up to a week.. could take that long for internet to be reconnected.

AiH [userpic]

Just signed the lease on our new home :D

AiH [userpic]

So I got asked if I wanted to go to Mardi Gras this year and not only watch but actually participate and be on a float/march infront/behind whatever... which I thought was pretty cool.. but being that my life is sucky I had to say that I didn't think I could make it because of the house move and the fact that I am going to be broke till I am 700 years old.. oh and not to mention I would probably have to work the weekend anyway.

The roster for Mardi Gras weekend was posted yesterday... Nicole has Saturday and Sunday off...

Typical, just typical!

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AiH [userpic]

Argggg i'm stressing out big time over our housing situation....

Pete is being too damn picky in the areas we are looking at and now it is getting too close to get your arse out of the house day and still we have no place to move to...

I am not sure this is going to end well :(

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AiH [userpic]

I really want these


oh and the Tegan design as well lol... they are black and pretty

AiH [userpic]

I sucked up all my fear and I asked her if she wanted to go out with me date and time to be organised on Friday... she said 'she would love to'


Tonight I asked her if she would like to do lunch or something of the sort this weekend as I am working dog shifts (2100 - 0500) and I would like to do it this weekend.. She suggested and early dinner Saturday night..


We are going to dinner on Saturday night before I go to work.... told her I would call her closer to Saturday and we could sort out the details :)

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