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July 2009
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AiH [userpic]

One of our cats is walking around on drugs at the moment.. he just took half a valium and hahaha it's funny watching him walk...

Things have been rather blah as of late.. sleep, work, home and repeat.

Saw Trandformers 2 on Tuesday night.. not a bad movie. I feel the need to go and see more movies.

Things with Ash are still very much up in the air and confusing.... she is going through some rough things at the moment.. Yesterday was the 11 month aniversary of her Wife's murder and tomorrow her mother has surgery to remove her lung or part of (not really sure and I didn't want to push for details cause she is upset) So I am standing back but letting her know if she needs me I am there for her.

I applied for a internal position at work as the Dva supervisor. It will mean set hours Mon - Fri and working for myself, kinda. I actually don't think I have much chance but at least I gave it a go.

Hmmm there is a lot of confusion in my head... it's all cloudy at the moment.

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