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July 2009
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AiH [userpic]
Holidays are great

I am enjoying not working for a change.. It is day 5 of my holidays and I am not bored yet.. that has to be a record for me.

I had brunch with Ash on Friday and it was kinda weird.. I mean I like her and I know that I like her prob more than I should but at the same time I sat there the entire time pointing out her faults in my head. I never noticed them before but they were flashing in neon this day. It's very strange..

Saturday morning I went to pride day with Michelle... we got our gay on all day and had fun.... well it was a good time till I almost got my arse kicked by 4 guys who apparantly don't take too kindly to the gays... I have not been that scared in a very long time but I got home safe and got major hugs from Pete... whose birthday it just happened to be :)

We had friends over last night for a party.. much alcohol and fun was had and as usual way too much information shared and seems the nickname 'cubicle girl' is going to stick... my own fault... one should not get up to such things in cubicles with girls whose names one didn't bother to ask lmao.... and in a nightclub of all places...

I believe I had more lap dances last night then I have gotten in my entire life..... lol

ONLY 2 SLEEPS TILL P!NK and yes I am very excited... god that woman is hot!!!!!!!

Hmmmm well I guess that is about it.. heading out in a moment so *hugs* to all... miss you :)

Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Let's Go Crazy - Prince

Miss you more